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Developers' Showcase

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Convention Center Room: 701-A: Technology Showcase
Developers Showcase

Links to materials

 Audra Hilterbran,

Ohio University, USA (hilterbr@ohio.edu)

PeanutButter: A Pronunciation App
This session will introduce attendees to the simple mobile app PeanutButter. This app was developed on the MIT App Inventor platform and currently runs on Android devices. PeanutButter allows learners of English who have difficulty with the sounds /p/ and /b/ practice through different progressions. Attendees will be able to download the free application if they choose to do so.
   Shem Macdonald, Victoria University, Australia (Shem.Macdonald@vu.edu.au) The Free English for Uni Website – For All Learners and Teachers of English
The main purpose of this presentation is to showcase the free English for Uni website, which contains innovative videos, explanations and exercises based on different features of English grammar and academic skills. Attendees will gain an understanding of the website and suggestions about how to use it in class.

The Free English for Uni Website – For All Learners and Teachers of English




 Douglas Coleman,

University of Toledo, USA (Douglas.Coleman@utoledo.edu)

Comprehensible Input in a Virtual World for ESL
In a virtual world, learners might interact with non-player characters (NPC's) by text/speech recognition or by selecting from a menu and having software speak for them. I show that the designer's choice should depend primarily on whether the goal is testing or teaching. After introducing background theory, based on a Human Linguistics reinterpretation of what comprehensible input is and how it affects learning in neurobiological terms, I will then show an example of menu-driven interaction with NPC's in a survival English lesson that I implemented in an OpenSim virtual world that was created specifically for ESL learning.
   Luca Giupponi, The English Language Center at Michigan State University, USA (giupponi@msu.edu)
Akiko Ota, The English Language Center at Michigan State University, USA (otaakiko@msu.edu)
Carol Wilson-Duffy, The English Language Center at Michigan State University, USA
Online Academic Training: a Pre-departure Course for International Students
How can we promote our international students’ integration into campus and community, and therefore enhance their potential for success? This showcase presents an innovative fully online pre-departure academic orientation course developed by the English Language Center at Michigan State University to support international students’ academic success in the U.S. The course, which is designed to occupy students for a month, uses high quality videos to introduce salient concepts in four content areas: Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking, and Academic Culture.
Online Academic Training a Pre-departure Course International Students 
  Alannah Fitzgerald, Concordia University / Waikato University / UK Open University, New Zealand (alannahfitzgerald@gmail.com) The Open-Source FLAX Language System We will demonstrate key features of the open-source FLAX language software, which can be downloaded for free to develop corpusbased language collections on personal computers or hosted on institutional servers. Collections can also be developed by teachers directly onto the FLAX website, or by installing the FLAX Moodle plug-in for use with the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment for interactive language support with e-resources. We will also be giving away printed copies of the Book of FLAX (also available as an
eBook), which tells you everything you need to know about building your own interactive FLAX collections featuring game-based activities.
The Open-Source FLAX Language System 
  Silvia Pessoa, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Qatar (spessoa@cmu.edu) TechCaFE (Technology for Customizable and Fun Education): Innovative computer and mobile-based tools to improve English Literacy Skills The purpose of the presentation is to demonstrate TechCaFE, an innovative suite of computer and mobile-based educational games that were developed and customized to cater to the variety of game interests and literacy needs of different ESL populations in the U.S. and Qatar. We are currently working with the following populations: special needs students, adult refugees and migrant workers, and post-secondary ESL students. The games are web-based, so they can be played on laptops and smartphone devices. Showcase for Games 
  Claire Siskin, Edvista, USA (csiskin@edvista.com) Create Your Own Mobile Apps with LiveCode!

LiveCode is a flexible software tool that permits ESOL educators to create their own language learning activities. LiveCode can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. The activities for learners may be exported to PC, Macintosh, IOS, and Android, so they may be deployed on desktop computers, smartphones, or tablets. The presenter will demonstrate some activities to show the capabilities of LiveCode. She has created several templates in LiveCode to show the possibilities. The templates are available as a free download. She will also outline the process of converting a LiveCode file to a mobile application.


LiveCode for Language Learning: http://tinyurl.com/ntmz4wm

LiveCode Templates for Language Learning: http://tinyurl.com/5vgv5q

LiveCode Scripts for Language Learning: http://tinyurl.com/mae5drr


Link to handout


Create Your Own Mobile Apps with LiveCode 



  Jennifer Tanudjaja, Centre for Education & Training, Canada (jtanudjaja@tcet.com) Assess Your English Online for Free! The Canadian Language Benchmarks Online Self-Assessment is an online task-based language assessment which gives learners the opportunity to attempt Reading and Listening tests and receive immediate results in a benchmark range. This is a free online resource available internationally simply by logging onto the website and registering as a user. Participants will learn how the online selfassessment
can benefit both students and teachers. Attendees will also have the chance to experience the assessment live.
  Xinqiang Li, Michigan State University, USA (bestestu@gmail.com) Eli Review - an Effective Peer Review Tool for Writing Class Eli review is an online peer review tool designed for English writing class. It brings more flexibility in group arrangement, time and location. It also provides more accurate and systematic review data such as rating scale and comments. Students’ review performance can also be evaluated via engagement data. This helps students to become better writers as well as better reviewers. Eli is especially helpful to second language learners by facilitating class communications and developing their critical thinking ability. It has also proved to be an effective tool for long distance teaching.  


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