Games in the Classroom

Convention Center Room: 701-A: Technology Showcase
Academic Session (CALL-IS)
Games in the Classroom: From Principle to Practice
This session explores gaming in language learning with discussions from a theorist, trainer, teacher, and builder. The panelists will
introduce the research on games for language learning, how to implement them into curricula, the practice of using games in the
classroom, and conclude with building games for language learners.


Links to materials

Jeff Kuhn, Ohio University, USA (

Games for Learning: Theory  This presentation provides an overview of the theory and research to date on the use of games for learning before focusing on the use of games for language learning. It concludes with a framework for exploring the use of games in the classroom. 1-Kuhn-Games and Language Learning.pptx  
  Dawn Bikowski, Ohio University, USA ( Teacher Training and Digital Games 

This presentation provides ideas and sample projects for training teachers to use digital games and digital-based games for language learning. Teacher trainers will walk away with ideas they can apply to their own educational contexts as we support teachers in expanding their digital literacy.

Bikowski-Academic Session Digital Gaming-2015.pptx  
  Chris Hill, The Ohio State University, USA ( Using Games in the ESL Classroom  The presenter will share examples of games he has created as well as free online games that he has used as part of a theme-based intensive English curriculum. Teachers will see examples of compelling games and learn ways to find and use digital games in their classrooms.   link to slides on Google Drive 
  Josh Wilson, Kansai Gaidai University, Japan (

Designing language learning games: How I learned to stop worrying and love the quiz

This presentation seeks to answer the question “Why aren’t there more digital language learning games,” and while doing so outlines the challenges developers face in making games for the classroom. Participants will come away with a better understanding of the state of language learning games from the prospective of game developers. 

Video with slide presentation

 4-JoshWilson-Designing Language Learning Games TESOL 2015.pptx