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Managing the Darker Side of Classroom Technology

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Convention Center Room: 701-A: Technology Showcase
Hot Topics: Managing the Darker Side of Classroom Technology
Avoiding Pitfalls of Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Join a roundtable discussion among a group who use technology in their classrooms extensively. Although avid users of technology, the panelists will talk about challenges that technology can pose – security, classroom management and accessibility – and discuss how they cope with these issues. Audience members will contribute questions.


Links to materials
  Justin Shewell, Arizona State University, USA (jshewell@asu.edu)      
  Deborah Healey, University of Oregon, USA (dhealey@uoregon.edu) Equity and technology   This will touch upon access to resources (and how we need to take limitations into account, both in high-resource and low-resource countries) and probably disproportionate representation on men to women in the field (and what that means to teachers and students).     
  Claire Siskin, Consultant, USA (csiskin@edvista.com) CALL for the Unconnected
As CALL practitioners and teacher trainers, we should offer options that do not require an Internet connection. 



Link to handout

  Andy Bowman, Wichita State University, USA (ielc.lab@wichita.edu) Privacy and the English Language Learner  This part of the panel will include FERPA and PIPEDA. There's brief quiz to elicit responses and participation from the audience. There will be time to discuss how the use of innovation in digital class assignments affects privacy.  http://circalab.com/privacy   
  Aaron Schwartz, Ohio University, USA (schwara1@ohio.edu)      


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