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Gaming and Gamification in Our Classrooms

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Games and gaming.pptx Games and gaming.pptx Games and gaming.pptx Convention Center Room: 701-A: Technology Showcase
Hot Topics: Gaming and Gamification in our Classrooms
Gaming in the Classroom and Beyond: Extending Language Learning through Games
This presentation will focus on the pedagogical applications of game design and theory in language learning. Specific examples of gaming applied to language classrooms in a variety of contexts, including writing, will be discussed, along with ways to extend language practice beyond the classroom through games.


Links to materials

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith,

University of Oregon/AEI

Department of State, USA (ehansonsmi@yahoo.com)

What's Gaming Got

to do with Teaching

and Learning?

A discussion of some aspects of the pedagogy of gaming; why games like Minecraft have become popular, and what the value of gaming is for teaching English. Reference will also be made to the free, online English-learning game, Trace Effects.

View online at Google Docs



Download file:

Games and gaming.pptx

  Katie Mitchell, ORTESOL, USA (kmitchell@rosettastone.com) Lessons Learned Building Games  A discussion of some game principles and how they apply to teaching along with lessons learned while building an educational game.   
  Rodrigo Carvalho, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (rodrigo.carvalho@pe.gatech.edu) Developing Language Skills Through Online Gaming     
  Jeff Kuhn, Ohio University, USA (jkuhn72@gmail.com)

Journaling the

Zombie Apocalypse: 

Minecraft in College Composition 

This presentation describes the use of Minecraft to create a shared-context for a second-language writing classroom.     TESOL Hot Topic.pptx.pptx  

Rick Rosenberg,

Department of State, USA (relobrazil@gmail.com)



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